The Journey Ahead

50 Weeks to Transformation

The future belongs to those that want to create things, to build assets, to test themselves every day, to learn something new every day, and to share what they learn

That’s what we do in Clan of Principles, we learn, we share, we grow, and we evolve together in a community of like minded entrepreneurs

Over a 50-week period we will be your unwavering guides, leading you through five distinct 10-week programs meticulously designed to elevate your personal and professional life to unprecedented heights:

Program 1 – Extrinsic Habits:
Discover the power of consistent, daily habits to pave the way for success. Learn how to seamlessly integrate these habits into your life and watch as they propel you forward.
Week 1 – Habit
Week 2 – Vision
Week 3 – Learning Something New
Week 4 – Sleep & Hydration
Week 5 – Breath Work
Week 6 – Movement & Strength Work
Week 7 – Cold Water Immersion & Intention Setting
Week 8 – Intermittent Fasting & Nutrition
Week 9 – Meditation
Week 10 – Intrinsic Habits

Program 2 – Intrinsic Habits:
Delve deep into the core of your being to understand your self-image. This program will equip you with the tools to achieve both external success and inner fulfillment, serenity, and balance
Week 1 – Self-Image and Outlook
Week 2 – Self-Esteem
Week 3 – Environment
Week 4 – The Principle of Love
Week 5 – Faith
Week 6 – Individuality
Week 7 – Masterminding
Week 8 – Acceptance
Week 9 – Gratitude
Week 10 Evolve

Program 3 – The 13 Principles of Think and Grow Rich:
Explore the timeless wisdom of this influential personal development masterpiece. Uncover the 13 legendary success principles that have shaped the lives of countless achievers throughout history.
Program 3 Week 1 – Introduction to TAGR
Program 3 Week 2 – The Principle of Desire
Program 3 Week 3 – Faith
Program 3 Week 4 – The Principle of Autosuggestion
Program 3 Week 5 – Specialised Knowledge
Program 3 Week 6 – Imagination
Program 3 Week 7 – Organised Planning & Decision
Program 3 Week 8 – Persistence & Mastermind
Program 3 Week 9 – The Mystery of Sex Transmutation & The Subconscious Mind


Program 4 – The Power of Systematization:
Unlock the secrets of efficient systems and “machine thinking” to apply them in your business and across every facet of your life. Learn how to streamline and optimize your actions for maximum results.

Program 5 – The Art of Dealmaking:
Master the art of dealmaking, whether dealing with small transactions or mega deals. Gain a comprehensive framework to maximize your returns on investment, time, effort, and creative energy.