Week 9

Week 9 – Meditation


Like all great habits there is a system to follow with persistency to install the habit. Meditation is no different. View meditation as a system to achieve three main things:


1. To become familiar with your old self (to depower it), and to become familiar with your new self (to empower it)


2. To become consciously aware of your brainwaves. And in the process to learn how to slow your brainwaves down and to get beyond your analytical mind


3. To disconnect from your body, to disconnect from your environment, and to forget for those minutes all about time. This is about entering that ‘eye of the needle’ place where we begin to make the most significant changes.
The meditation practice, and the system to follow to do this is the ‘how’, and it brings all these three benefits. And the more you understand ‘what’ you are doing when you meditate, and ‘why’ you are doing it, then the ‘how’ becomes easier, and it feels more natural to do it.


This is not a spiritual thing, you are using science and data, aligned with the power of a system to demystify the process. The system creates an inner experience, and the body is so objective that during your meditation it’s literally believing that it’s living in a new environment.


And the elevated emotions that come with this inner experience serves to drag the body right out of the past, and into the present moment. Now you feel completely different. And the emotions you now feel cause a biological change to take place in your body.


And when the habit of meditation starts to work for you. When you get really good at it, when you begin to change what’s happening on the inside, when you start to change the way you think, and the way you feel, when you start to see evidence in your life that these new thoughts and feelings, repeated day after day are making a material difference in your external life then you are going to remember what you did inside of you to produce this outcome. And then you are going to believe you are the creator of your life, and less the victim of your life – and that’s empowerment.


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