Week 5 – The Principle of Specialised Knowledge

The Principle of Specialised Knowledge

There are two kinds of knowledge: one is specialised, and the other is general.

General knowledge is of little use in the accumulation of riches.

Specialised knowledge is organisation and intelligent direction through practical plan of action. It is the fourth principle of success in thinking and growing rich.

Knowledge is only power when it is directed in this way towards a definite end. This is one of the big flaws of the world’s many educational institutions. They have gathered together all the knowledge of the world ready to be shared with their students, but the missing link in their systems is their failure to teach their students how to organise and use knowledge after they acquire it.


The word education is derived from the Latin word Educo meaning to induce, to draw out, to develop from within.
An educated man is not a man who has an abundance of general or even specialised knowledge. He has developed the faculties of his mind so he may acquire any riches he desires, whether that be financial, emotional, or spiritual riches without violating the rights of others.

Any man is educated when he knows where to get knowledge when he needs it and how to then organise it towards definite plans of action.

It is an educated man who can then also organise and direct a mastermind community of other men to help him in the pursuit of his personal growth and the particular riches he desires.

Successful men in all callings never stop acquiring specialised knowledge related to their personal growth and their major purpose or profession. In other words, they never stop learning. Lifelong learning is the closest thing we have to magic. This is because learning transforms and expands our view of the world, redefining our understanding.

Lifelong learners constantly question and explore. They consider things that have never been considered before. Suddenly, what once seemed impossible becomes possible.

The Knowledge Age

The order of the day is specialisation. For many years the odds were stacked against entrepreneurs. Only factory owners or big corporations had access to the essential resources required for business success.

But that was the Industrial Age. We are now in the Knowledge Age where technological advancement means business success is available to the enterprising many rather than just the corporate few.

The playing field has been levelled. Control is now in the palm or the lap of every individual with an idea and a sense of purpose.

The new knowledge-based marketplace is literally at everyone’s fingertips and the number of new millionaires is skyrocketing as a result.

Never before has the average person without privilege, academic education, previous wealth, or connections been offered the unlimited opportunity or financial abundance that is available today in the Knowledge Age.

And the back of all ideas is specialised knowledge. When you then combine imagination with specialised knowledge and ideas, you have the recipe for creative success, for innovation and for private enterprise.

Remember though, the idea is the key. Specialised knowledge relating to the idea may then be found around the corner, any corner!



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