Program 2 Week 8 – Acceptance

Week 8 – Acceptance

As we try to take the actions required to bring our exciting visions for the future into reality, one principle stands out: acceptance. Acceptance is not passive surrender; it is an active practice that empowers us to take the action that will shape our reality while aligning ourselves with the flow of the universe.

Let’s explore how the transformative power of acceptance can elevate our lives and propel us towards our goals.

Embracing the Work

To manifest our desires, we must cultivate a way of life where we know how to get action oriented every day. We must capture a certain creative energy as we execute on our daily intentions.

Feeling good and feeling creative does not have to be an occasional luxury. When we radiate creative energy we become magnets for ideas, inspirations, hunches, guidance, and opportunities that align with our visions.

However, if we find ourselves grappling for control in a state of confusion, indecision, or disarray, we disrupt the natural flow of abundance. We can reconnect with our inner power and tap into the creative flow state, though.For that, we must first prioritise our vision and take proactive daily steps towards its realisation. This entails more than wishful thinking; it requires diligent effort and unwavering commitment to our personal and professional growth.

Recognising Triggers

To execute on our vision and bring our dreams into reality we must get really good at recognising when we have drifted off path. We must notice those moments, those days when we feel disconnected and vulnerable.
In survival mode, our focus shifts outward as we try to regain control over external circumstances. It is during these times when we lose our way, and our creative energy disappears.

We can resist this, if we rely on the self-image we have been working on. Instead of succumbing to the chaos of triggers, we can navigate our way through these challenges.Through a combination of our self-awareness and our emotional intelligence, we can recapture the creative energy and rediscover our flow state. We once again become ‘relaxed in the heart, and alert in the brain’ .

The Practice of Self-Acceptance

At the heart of acceptance lies the practice of self-acceptance. This is a life principle where we transform judgement into compassion and criticism into kindness.

When we embrace ourselves fully, flaws and all, we invite a sense of peace and inner harmony into our lives. Self-acceptance is not about complacency; it is about acknowledging our intrinsic worthiness. By letting go of the need for perfection and embracing our authenticity, we create space for our visions to unfold.

Self-Acceptance is the foundation upon which we build our dreams and the catalyst for transformation in every aspect of our lives.


Acceptance is the secret ingredient; it makes all the difference as we work to bring our visions into reality. By embracing the power of acceptance, we transcend limitations, unlock our full potential, and execute on our daily intentions with effortless ease.

When we commit to self-acceptance, we release the power that lies inside us. We create the life of our dreams.


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