Program 2 Week 5 – Faith

Week 5 – Faith

A timeless military principle says that the best defence is offence.

All problems with combat, national or personal, become smaller if you confront them.

They also become larger if you avoid them, the imagination takes care of this. 

Faith is having the courage to take prompt, well-thought-out decisive action at times of spirit testing adversity. 

Taking Risks 

To take a calculated risk and to act builds strength in our self image. To procrastinate and brush a problem under the carpet weakens our self image. If we wait until we are absolutely certain before we act, we will never do anything. 

Risk mistakes, risk failure, risk humiliation because a step forward in the wrong direction is better than standing still in life. 

The thing is, once we are moving forward we gain momentum, we learn to course correct, we learn from our mistakes, but it’s the simple act of moving forward that creates the momentum, and that builds the self image. 

Automatic Guidance

Humans are blessed with an internal automatic guiding system, but it doesn’t work when we are standing still. It becomes a redundant asset. 

This system is very effective at course corrections, showing us the right way when we have chosen the wrong path.

Faith and courage are natural instincts.

The urge to gamble is also a natural instinct. When used correctly it urges us to bet on ourselves. To take a chance on our possibilities and potentials. 

When we have faith and act with courage that is exactly what we are doing – gambling on and taking a chance on our own creative god given talents.

Denying Instinct 

Recognition of and harnessing of this natural instinct is a good habit, it forces us to act decisively which helps to build our self image.

People who deny this natural instinct by refusing to live creatively can often fall victim to another more negative release for this instinct. They develop the bad habit of gambling away their money.

A man who will not take a chance on himself must bet on something. The natural instinct dictates this. 

Many of us never discover how brave we naturally are because we live in self doubt which is a recipe for a weakened self image.

Knowing that we have internal assets at our disposal, such as our automatic guiding system, gives us the self confidence to take on big challenges. We have natural instincts to meet most problems head on. Using this instinct builds a strong and resilient self image.



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