Breath Work

Breath Work


Establishing a breathing routine will get your heart rate back to a relaxed state straight after your morning routine.


Your breath work is a great mindfulness habit to commit to. It can be very challenging to slow life down and control your thoughts. The mind has a habit of randomly jumping from one thought to another. And the thoughts in your head lead to the feelings in your body. Through practiced breathing sessions you can learn to become more aware of your thoughts and feelings.


One benefit of mindfulness is the ability to detach yourself from those negative thought patterns that enter your mind. The art of focusing on your breath gives the mind a break. And all minds need a break from unconscious continuous thoughts. A break from the stuff going on in our lives enables us to seek some occasional stillness.


The heightened awareness of the inner workings of our mind will help us to manage our thoughts differently to avoid the stresses we feel when we are permanently unconscious to our thoughts throughout the day. Increased mindfulness makes us more emotionally balanced in our lives.


Evidence suggests that mindful breath work even strengthens our immune system.


Breath work is a ‘practice’, some days will be harder than others. Just keep practicing and install this life changing habit.


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