P2 S3 Environment

Week 3 – Environment Reflect on this thought: “Can I teach my body emotionally what my future will feel like before it happens. And can I feel gratitude for what happens to me before it actually happens?”. Imagine we have access to two possible types of present environment. One is based on our past reality… Continue reading P2 S3 Environment

P2 W2 – Self-Esteem

Week 2 – Self-Esteem   Self Esteem is a fundamental human need and a key component of our self-image. It’s more than an innate feeling of self-worth, it’s having confidence in our ability to cope with the basic challenges of life and having confidence in our basic right to be successful and happy. A feeling… Continue reading P2 W2 – Self-Esteem

Self-Image and Outlook

Week 1 – Self-Image and Outlook   You have successfully completed the Bootcamp. You have laid the foundation for physical strength and resilience. The next 10 weeks (Program 2) is all about building psychological strength and resilience. This week we will go through the importance of self-image and how you can use the principle of… Continue reading Self-Image and Outlook

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