Week 7 – Cold Water Immersion & Intention Setting

Cold Water Immersion


Regular exposure to cold water helps you decrease stress and increase levels of alertness and concentration.


Every day spend between 15 seconds and two and a half minutes in a cold shower. Cold water sends many electrical impulses to your brain, they jolt your system to increase alertness, clarity, and energy levels. Endorphins which are known as the happiness hormones are also released.


Respect the suffering for those initial seconds and start every day with the habit of a cold shower.


Intention Setting


This is a purposeful activity to do after you’ve had your shower and got dressed. It’s where you think about your intentions for the day in terms of what you will bring to your important relationships that day, how you will look after your mind and your body, and what version of yourself you will bring to your business today.


It’s where you set your intentions for a balanced day, a balanced life.


Business leaders understand the value and necessity of setting goals but how many understand the difference between goals and intentions.


Goals can take us out of the moment and into the future, and they can create an emphasis on what we don’t have.


Setting and living by your Daily Intentions allows you to focus on what truly matters today and how you are going to impact not just your life, but the lives of other people. It’s a great habit where you set out who you want to become, how you want to affect the lives of others and what steps you will take today in pursuit of these things.


Leadership and life are one and the same thing. We can often just jump on the treadmill of life without really noticing the things going on around us in our outer world, or without noticing what’s going in in our inner world, with our thoughts, feelings, and emotions.


As a result, we can become work obsessed and neglect the things that are most important to us like our children, our physical health, our mental health our relationships with our loved ones. Really seeing these important things and paying attention to them will increase our enthusiasm and creativity and make us feel more grateful, happier, and more contented.


What are some examples of daily intentions?
For business you might say “I intend to inspire every member of my team that I am in contact with today”.


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