Imagine spending years working towards a goal that you think is going to solve everything.


And then after countless sacrifices, heartache, dedication, and application you finally accomplish what you have been striving for…it feels great for a few days…and then nothing…a feeling of emptiness!


The truth is we chase what we think will make us happy, but often we don’t know what that is.


It’s worth the effort to find this out.


All human beings are built to be motivated by a clearly defined vision.


We have this mechanism inside us that we can use to create our visions.


It’s called our creative imagination.


It’s one of our valuable internal assets that we either put to use, or its sits there dormant and unused.


When we create visions and set intentions and goals aligned with our visions, we become a body in motion.


Think of man as being built functionally like a bicycle. You cannot maintain your poise, and balance, and equilibrium while sitting still on a bicycle with no place to go.


If we are sitting still on a bicycle with no place to go we lose our balance and we feel shaky. This is a metaphor for having a clarity of vision in our life.


We are meant to have clarity around what we are trying to achieve and where we are trying to get to. We thrive when we have a sense of direction because we we’re built to solve problems, have ideas, change lives, and capitalise on opportunities.


When you hear people say they are not fulfilled, not enjoying life, not content, they are usually saying they lack a clearly defined vision.


On the other hand, when you can see a person is taking action every day that is connected to the actions taken on previous days, then you sense clarity of direction, you sense a certain energy, there is even a certain magnetism that comes off a person with a clearly defined vision.


Whatever it takes to do it, we must do it. With the support of this community, we must each create a vision for our future. We must get clear on our dreams, our aspirations, our goals. We must start with the end in mind.


And then we must commit to an action plan. And not because of the outcome, not because of the result – because of the act of doing it, the act of executing on our vision, one step at a time, day after day, doing those little things that if we do them no one will notice, and if we don’t do them, again no one will notice.


We can never predict the outcome. But we can put our attention on doing the little things every day that move us one step closer to our vision.


Tap into the resource that is your Clan of Principles support network. Do whatever’s necessary to get really clear on the vision for the next stage of your life, for your future…an exciting, inspiring, electrifying future.


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