P2 S3 Environment

Week 3 – Environment

Reflect on this thought:

“Can I teach my body emotionally what my future will feel like before it happens. And can I feel gratitude for what happens to me before it actually happens?”.

Imagine we have access to two possible types of present environment. One is based on our past reality and the other based on our imagined future.

In this context we are using the word environment to describe our external life. The things that happen to us, the people we meet, the places we go, the things we do.

Scenario 1 and Scenario 2 

For many of us our environment is dictated by our familiar past. Through our conditioning we develop the habits to repeat in the future the things that happened to us in the past. We go to the places we have always previously gone to. We meet the same people, we do the same things.

This all combines to create what we might call a ‘Scenario 1’ life – we live in an environment based on our past reality.

In this scenario 1 life, our self-image is built on our past experiences and reality. 

In the future, we will become the same type of person we always were.

Now imagine a ‘Scenario 2’ life.

This is where our environment is not dictated by our familiar past, by our ‘known’. Instead, it is created by our imagined future, by our ‘unknown’.

In this scenario not only does it open our world to unknown potentials and possibilities, but our self-image also starts to change because it’s no longer built on our familiar past, it’s now being rebuilt on our imagined future.

Feeling Elevated Emotions 

Our emotional state is usually dictated by our external environment. We need a rush of dopamine or adrenaline to feel elevated emotions. We need the deal we are chasing or the goal we are pursuing to happen before we then feel the elevated emotional state that this success will bring with it.

But if we can teach ourselves to feel the elevated emotions before the event happens then we’re not only using our brain, but we’re also getting into our heart as well. We’re ‘feeling’ the event before it occurs.

To create this scenario 2 environment, we must learn how to teach our body emotionally what our future will look like before it happens.

In scenario 2 we are consciously creating our desired future environment using our imagination. We are creating a vision in our present mind of what our future will look like. 

We are learning to ‘feel’ our possibilities and potentials before they happen.

Rather than using our thinking brain, in this scenario we are learning to use two other valuable internal assets – our emotional brain and our heart.

When these two internal assets work together in harmony magic happens. Not only does our future change, our self-image changes as well. We’re not just changing what happens on the outside in our environment, we’re changing who we are on the inside.

New Possibilities

Through this mastery of heart-brain coherence, we can learn to hold the image of our future in our present thoughts and feelings.

We can rehearse who we are going to be, and what our future will feel like. When we get good at this, we can literally bring up the emotions of our future in the present.

For example, if we can learn how to feel gratitude before the event, the event happens.

People do this to heal physical health conditions. If we can feel the gratitude before the healing, the healing begins. If we envision business success and we can feel the abundance and the other elevated emotions this success brings before we have them, we will start generating abundance and other elevated emotions.

This is how it works when we learn to elevate our emotional state, when we learn to create this scenario 2 environment and we open our world to new possibilities and new potentials.


The alternative is a scenario 1 existence based on cause and effect. That’s when we wait for our outer world to change our internal state. That’s what we want to now recognize as our old programming, our old conditioning. People with this program live in lack and separation. They say to themselves “when it happens, then I’ll feel happy”.

Learning how to feel the elevated emotion ahead of the experience is ‘causing’ an effect.

We do this through heart-brain coherence – we’re leveraging the electro force around our brain that imagines the future, and the magnetic field around our heart that attracts things in our vision towards us.

Dr Joe Dispenza says “Incoherence causes us to rely on our thinking brain rather than our emotional brain, and we over analyse everything which takes our brain into a survival mode, so we are indecisive, we worry, we over-think and we experience limiting emotions such as lack, comparison, frustration, and impatience”

He says “when you engage your emotional brain and it starts to work creatively, it begins to sync with your heart, now you feel elevated emotions – you become both relaxed in the heart and alert in the brain – you start to create, and you start to attract. Now your teaching your body emotionally what your future will look like before the experience happens”.

Now our environment changes, our self-image changes. Now we’re creating a scenario 2 life!


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