Welcome to the program.


In Clan of Principles our vision is to form a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who want to learn together, grow together, and evolve as human beings.


Over the next ten weeks we will work together to follow a proven system that is designed to do two things:


1. Bring balance to our lives
2. Build discipline through the installing of good habits


Balance and discipline are intrinsically linked. In fact, to find a balanced lifestyle we must first work on our discipline, and we have to recognise the relationship between discipline and habits.


Whether we like it or not we are all a slave to our Habits – but we have a choice about which type of habits we will become a slave to – the good habits or the bad!


Good Habits serve us in a way that enables us to live the type of life we aspire to: a life of balance. The type of life that builds good health, rich relationships, and successful businesses.


Over 10 weeks we will go deep to debate the value of a set of foundational habits that will change our health, change our energy levels, and change our performance as entrepreneurs.


This system of habits puts us in charge of our life.


In the process we will build self-discipline like we would build any muscle.


The program will get us all reflecting on the commitments we make to ourselves and the importance of keeping those commitments.


Often it’s the small things we do in life that make the biggest difference, those good habits we repeat day after day that bring us the benefit of compound interest. Those little habits that if we didn’t do them no one would notice, and if we do them, again no one will notice.


The thing about the little promises we make to ourselves is that when we keep them they grow into bigger promises.


We are talking about the type of discipline that says, “I do what I say I’m going to do”, “I keep the commitments I make to myself”.


We are going to work on the ability to do things, sometimes things we don’t feel like doing but we do them anyway – and we do them for uncertain benefits, for benefits that might come way down the line.


If we can cultivate this type of self-discipline then its sets us apart as standard bearers for our children, for our co-workers, and for anyone else whose path we might cross. We don’t lead by what we say, we lead by what we do.


Doing simple things every day that make us feel better about ourselves will change our life. That’s where good health comes from, that’s where rich relationships come from, that’s where thriving businesses come from.


Here’s the key question: can you cultivate the discipline to follow a set of daily habits that shows that you are the type of person that keeps the promises you make to yourself?


The thing is, once you understand the value of each of the habits we will go through over the 10 weeks, it’s easy to install them because it’s up to you. You can control whether you do these things or not.


And once you start building this discipline muscle you become tougher, you become more resilient, you become better equipped to deal with the adversities and the challenges of life.


You will grow, and you will change.


In fact, we will grow and we will change together.


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