Learning Something New

Learn Something New


Learning provides us with an escape when we seek it and knowledge when we need it.


Develop the habit of devoting a minimum of 15 minutes a day to learning something new.


It could be a new sales or marketing skill or learning a language or a musical instrument. It might be to help our business or career, or it might just be to give us some “me time” away from our work.


If we can also find a way of sharing or teaching what we learn, then that brings with it its own value where we get to learn the new skill twice and embed it more deeply into our memory, our subconscious mind, and into our daily habits.


We then start to naturally apply the things we have learned into our business or our everyday life.


If we can match what we learn with the things we enjoy doing most, if we can align our learning with our highest values, with our goals and aspirations then we derive all sorts of other benefits from the experience of learning something new.


Get the bug for learning something new. It will inspire us to pass on the bug to our children, our co-workers, and anyone else we want to serve and inspire.


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